také zen garden

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A wonderful gift, excellent therapeutic activity, and a beautiful addition to your desk. This mini Japanese Také Zen Garden kit will make you feel calmer and more relaxed than ever. Built with a high-quality spacious wooden box, a natural bamboo fence, pretty white sand, and river stone pebbles to bring peaceful energy into your home, you’ll love using it to help your mind unwind. The nice “quiet time” you get drawing in the sand will offer rare opportunities to self-reflect, daydream, step back from the noise, and increase awareness of what matters most to you. 

The set is inspired by the meditative experience of walking through the Sagano Bamboo forest in Kyoto. It’s a stunning, small-scale recreation of the dry landscape gardens of Zen Buddhism, made for you to experience and enjoy a blissful state of tranquillity right in your own space. Plus, it’s compact, easily portable, and a gorgeous piece of artwork to display anywhere!

 What's included in the deluxe Také Zen Garden kit:

  • 11" by 7.5" medium-sized bamboo tray
  • white sand
  • lantern pagoda
  • Japanese tower and bridge
  • bamboo feature wall
  • 2 large natural rocks
  • 15 to 20 small river pebbles
  • sand rake and sand smoother
  • Pretty, sustainable Japanese art packaging