matsu zen garden

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A most peaceful and calming experience, this mini Matsu Zen Garden kit is the stress reliever you’ve always needed. Intrinsically appealing and healing, it’s designed to help you practice meditation, boost creativity, and increase your focus, right from your own desk. Imagine how soothing it would be to walk into a beautifully groomed Japanese pine forest and experience all the rejuvenating energy!

This zen garden set captures the essence of the Japanese concept Shinrin-yoku, which means “Forest Bathing”. It’s a gorgeously handcrafted miniature landscape of rocks, trees, and crystal white sand for you to enjoy as a relaxing form of sensory play. Enhance your home décor and allow the magnificent beauty of nature to wash over you. Gain the freedom to enjoy peace, serenity, and happiness whenever you need via the garden’s incredible healing powers.

 What's included in the deluxe Matsu Zen Garden kit:

  • extra large 16” by 8” bamboo tray
  • safe crystal white sand
  • unique faux bonsai tree and a rock base
  • lantern pagoda
  • bridge
  • 2 large rocks
  • 5 mini zen garden rakes with bamboo holder
  • Stunning Japanese design giftbox, with sustainable packaging