tsuki crystal shelf

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Tsuki (月) means moon in Japanese. In Zen Buddhism, the moon is a symbol of selflessness and inner enlightenment. As the moon changes in the lunar cycle, it is often seen as a reflection of the complexity of the world, the human spirit and the constantly changing nature of existence.

The Zen moon is a place where all is possible. The moon’s energy is potent and powerful, just like the human spirit. Crystal cleansing is associated with the different phases of the moon. The new moon energy (yin energy) is a time to plant seeds and a time of new beginnings. The full moon energy (yang energy) is a time when you reap what you’ve sown in the last moon’s cycle.

The tsuki crystal shelf is made from pine wood, stained in walnut brown. The shelf can either be hung using the hooks on the back of the shelf or can be placed on top of any indoor flat surface. Enjoy making a mystical space with this eye catching, statement piece for your home. Dimensions 13” x 11.4” x 2”.