ren zen garden


Our Japanese Ren Zen Garden kit is a fabulous tool to help relieve work stress, bring peace and joy to your loved ones, and even assist with meditation! A great addition to your home/office desk, it comes with 4 unique rolling spheres to stimulate your senses and provide an incredibly therapeutic, calming, and tactile experience. Give yourself some nice quiet contemplation time and nurture your creativity by making beautiful patterns in the delicate sand.

Inspired by the fascinatingly resilient qualities of the lotus flower, this symbolic mini garden will evoke feelings of tranquillity, ease, and relaxation. Plus, you can also design your own custom zen space—the arranging possibilities here are endless! An excellent high-end gift and a rare, stunning Japanese display to enhance any room.

The lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, enlightenment, and triumph over obstacles. The root of the lotus latches in mud and submerges every night into the murky river water, before miraculously re-blooming sparklingly clean the next morning. It’s been doing this for thousands of years, to show us that when you stay strong, determined, and persistent, the best version of yourself will always emerge and thrive! Treat yourself to this delightful diversion today and start savoring those everyday mindful moments.

 What's included in this deluxe Ren Zen Garden kit:

  • High quality circular 12” bamboo tray
  • natural safe, soft sand
  • 4 patterned stamp spheres for a fun tactile experience
  • crest sphere stand
  • rectangular tool with teeth to mark patterns
  • brush to dust sand off the spheres
  • Pretty, sustainable Japanese art packaging