enso Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our world can feel crazy and endlessly demanding. Overstimulating, overwhelming and always-on. How do you find peace? We struggled to answer this question before we asked a bigger one: What are we missing if we don’t?

Our journey to answer it led to our discovery of a different lifestyle. It blends East Asian Zen philosophy with our Western way of living. Both of us were born in Asia but raised in Australia, so this lifestyle is a way to embrace our cultural roots and our daily reality. For us, it’s been a way to find more inner peace and fulfilment in a busy world.

It’s a lifestyle that welcomes and rewards anyone, though, no matter your heritage. Here’s why: It invites you to take the time to truly appreciate life’s most fleeting and magical moments. It can help you enhance your whole well-being—your mental, spiritual, and physical health. Because of this, we want to share it with you.

"Our world can feel crazy and endlessly demanding.

Overstimulating, overwhelming, and always-on"

Living this way starts with creating your own sanctuary to find your center and evoke your senses. In this retreat, you can slow down, calm your mind and body, and drink-in the present. Accepting that much of life is outside your control is easier when you have a quiet place within your control, where you can truly let go.

We can’t take away life’s pressures, but we can change how we react to them... and it starts at home. We know how good this change feels, because we’ve struggled with the same demands you face. As co-founders and friends, we have a mission to help women like us—and you—live more enriched, fulfilling, and balanced lives. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully curated this collection of unique pieces for you to create your sanctuary. We hope that they will inspire you to practice daily rituals and experience the power of taking the time to be mindful, grateful, and peaceful.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey to discovery