About Us

About The Founders 

Spending the latter part of our childhood in Sydney, Australia, we developed an instant best friend connection. We’d each emigrated from Asia with our families, we spoke the same language at home, and we were both excited to embrace a Western lifestyle. In fact, we had so much in common that we even decided to have the same career…as accountants. Fast forward a few decades. Our plan worked, but it didn’t really turn out the way we’d pictured. Amy was drifting further away from her cultural roots while experiencing severe corporate burnout. Yvonne’s long hours as an executive meant that she was distanced from her friends and family, and far from nourishing her true passions of language and history. We each felt more disconnected than ever.

During a series of get-togethers over tea, we began to question the impact of the sacrifices we had made-physically and mentally. Was it worth it? Were we really happy? We talked about our relatives in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. We talked about traditions lost and neglected. We opened up and got really honest with ourselves, and then we set out on a journey to reclaim our peace of mind. We went to spas and yoga retreats. We consulted with experts. We read books. Our path taught us how to build self-acceptance, reconnect with our roots, and recharge our energy naturally. It led us to find the balance between East Asian Zen philosophy and Western life. Along the way, we learned that in order to be sustainable, our self-care routines had to be convenient enough to implement on a daily basis. It was too easy to blow off complicated rituals and too time-consuming and expensive to rely on outside treatments and classes. But it was about more than convenience. We found that our self-care routines worked best when they evoked one or more of the five senses–helping to lead our bodies and minds out of the chaos.

enso sensory is the result of our exploration and we are honored to share it with you. Life moves fast. Sometimes you need to slow down to reconnect with what really matters. We did, and the results were life-changing. Our goal is to give you the tools to own your sanctuary, with beautiful, everyday products that lead you on your journey to inner peace.

- Amy & Yvonne, Founders