yakushi nyorai medicine buddha


It is no coincidence that the words 'medication' and 'meditation' differ only by a single letter. They are both derived from the Latin word 'medeor', meaning “to heal or to make whole.” Medicine Buddha, or 'Yakushi Nyorai' in Japanese, is the Buddha of healing. He is described as a doctor who cures all suffering. He holds a jar of healing nectar in his left hand, and the stem of the Aruna fruit between his right thumb and forefinger. The Medicine Buddha made twelve vows about how he would help living beings after attaining enlightenment. The holistic healing of mind and body was a primary focus of his vows: he promised to help eradicate pain, disease, and disabilities of all kinds, as well as promote wellbeing and soulful prosperity. 

By using the Medicine Buddha in your meditation, you will gravitate towards enlightenment. Allow him to help invoke healing energy throughout your body, and send your blessings to loved ones and all living beings. 

The Medicine Buddha statue is 10" tall.