Resonance Tuning Fork Set


Embrace the Vibrations of Healing with Resonance

Introducing Resonance – your gateway to a world where harmony and tranquility converge. This meticulously curated Tuning Fork Starter Set is designed to usher you into the realms of sound therapy, offering a unique blend of meditative and therapeutic experiences.

Within this set, discover four distinct tuning forks, each with its own vibrational character:

  • Osteophonic 128 Hz & Earth Om 136.1 Hz: Weighted forks that soothe joints and muscles, promoting relaxation and improve blood circulation.
  • Body Tuners Yin 256 Hz & Yang 384 Hz: Unweighted forks that harmonize your body and spirit, and brings you to deep relaxation within 30 seconds.

Whether you seek relief from daily stresses, aspire to deepen your meditation practices, or explore the healing powers of sound, Resonance is your companion in this journey towards balance and serenity. Crafted for beginners yet cherished by sound therapists, this set is a harmonious blend of ease and profundity, providing both immediate peace and a pathway to ongoing wellness.

Embark on a Journey of Sound, Balance, and Harmony with Resonance.

What's included in the set:

  • 128Hz Weighted Tuning Fork
  • 136.1Hz Weighted Tuning Fork
  • 256Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork
  • 384Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork
  • Hockey Puck Activator
  • Vegan Leather Carrying Case
  • Comprehensive Starter Guide