uji meditation tea table

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Uji (宇治) was Japan's first major tea-producing region during the 12th century, as tea consumption became popular among the gentry during that period. Today, tea is an inseparable part of Japanese culture, and tea ceremonies are still commonly practiced in modern Japan.

The uji table is designed with elements of Zen-inspired simplicity and an emphasis on traditional Japanese etiquette and spirituality. The multi-use table in walnut is versatile. It can be used as a tea table (chabudai) to start or end your day with intention, a meditation table for your sanctuary corner, a coffee table, or a side table. The table has a board at the bottom for additional storage, and is compact and foldable so you can bring it anywhere you desire. 

The uji table is made from solid paulownia wood, which is considered one of the most eco-sustainable woods in existence. Paulownia wood is known for its lightness, yet having the highest strength to weight ratio in the world. Sustainability and practicality can co-exist. 

The uji table dimensions are 22.8” x 13.8” x 9.4” and maximum bearing weight is 33 lbs.