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A little bit of zen goes a long way.


Our goal is to give you the tools to own your sanctuary, with beautiful, everyday products that lead you on your journey to inner peace.

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Increase Creativity and Mindfulness

Creating your own zen garden helps to express yourself and explore new ideas. Meditating on the garden helps to increase awareness of the present moment and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Calming and Peaceful Environment

Our sustainable Paulownia wood meditation table is the perfect centerpiece for any room. This table is the perfect height for sitting cross-legged, and the built-in shelf provides a convenient place to rest your hands or place your belongings.

Bring Peace and Tranquility

This premium, hand crafted Buddha statue adds beauty and elegance to any home, office or garden. Not only is the fine detail a conversation starter, it's always a way to express your excellent tast and personal style.


What are your zen gardens made out of?

Our zen gardens are crafted with a focus on natural materials whenever possible. The tray and brushes are made from sustainable bamboo, ensuring an eco-friendly choice. The sand used in our gardens is natural sand, providing an authentic and soothing experience. For unique and intricate elements, we utilize high-quality resin, carefully crafting each piece to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. We believe in creating a sanctuary at home with our zen gardens, while also being mindful of the environment.

How are your products made?

To ensure the highest level of quality, our products are manufactured in small batches. This approach allows us to closely monitor every stage of production and maintain strict quality control standards. By doing so, we can ensure that each item meets our stringent requirements before it reaches our valued customers.

Moreover, we are deeply committed to upholding ethical manufacturing practices. Our partner factory, where our products are manufactured, strictly adheres to international standards for work conditions, ensuring fair wages, safe working environments, and proper labor practices. We believe in fostering a positive and responsible production process from start to finish.

What is Paulownia wood?

Paulownia wood is a type of lightweight, fine-grained hardwood that comes from the Paulownia tree, also known as the Empress tree. It is highly regarded for its remarkable qualities, making it an excellent choice for crafting our meditation tables. Paulownia wood is known for its strength, stability, and resistance to warping or cracking, making it ideal for furniture that requires durability. Additionally, this wood has a beautiful natural grain pattern and a soft, smooth texture, giving our meditation tables an aesthetic appeal that complements any home sanctuary